behind the scenes

Hele Vejen is a creative agency and represent a strong and ambitious team of 100% full-blooded creatives. We live on the docks of Aarhus in Denmark but we work and build relations crisscrossing borders and waters.

We’ve been around the block since 2010 and have created a great variety of badass visual experiences along the way - most of them from scratch to final party. We have yet to find a brief we can’t crack with a crazy idea, a lot of coffee and a super fresh design. And “no” is never an option. Period! Unless, of course, your budget really sucks. Then “no” is the only right answer - even for a team of 100% full-blooded creatives.

creative services

We’ve made top-notch visual identities, holistic campaigns, film productions, animation & motion designs in all shapes and scales, developed and designed digital platforms and a whole lot of everything in between. We always communicate through visual experiences and we love to raise awareness and generate attention around a great cause, product or whatever needed. We really respect “the audience” and believe in encouraging them through clever, clear and direct communication.

lost in translation

“Hele Vejen” directly translated from Danish to English means “All The Way”. And to us it means putting in that extra effort every goddamn time! No half measures, no shortcuts, no easy solutions, no pretending, no giving up, no pain no gain, no drama, no sleep, no fear, no worries, no maybe, no compromises, no weeping, no repeating, no repeating, no regretting and no bullshit…

All day, all night, all week – all the way.

rules of engagement

We don’t work with jerks
We give more than we take
We don’t break the rules - we break the rulers
We trust our guts
We never get lost in the applause
We make the abstract concrete
We believe in complete honesty
We ask stupid questions
We never promise what we can’t deliver
We don’t have many rules


boring details

We are pleased to announce that we are accepting new clients. So feel free to contact us with any projects or ideas you may have - the first drink is always on the house.

Hele Vejen
Filmbyen 23, 4. sal
8000 Aarhus


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